I am a lover of math, astronomy, physics, and programming. I love writing and being outdoors also. You can connect with me at https://sciencebyjason.com.

In this section, I go over process management in a Linux system.


Managing processes and background jobs is an important skill. These skills make us more efficient to our company. We can start a process and have it run in the background while we work on something in the foreground.

Making loops in c++ is a fundamental skill just like it is in other languages. C++ has several options that I will go over.

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We often need to run a piece of code many times to get results that we need. Looping is how this is done. …

Space debris results from the various asteroid belts in our galaxy and the collisions within that send large objects in all different directions.


When people think of our solar system, they often just think of the planets and larger objects. However, most of our galaxy is made of smaller debris…

The fundamental theorem of algebra says that every polynomial has at least one complex number as a solution.


Until this point, we have tried several ways to solve equations. You may have noticed there are some types that we can’t solve by using the previous methods. …

We factor polynomials because they give us points on their curve. These points allow us to analyze functions and solve equations for the values we need.


In this article, I want to continue to talk about how we factor polynomials and why we need to do so.

Division of Polynomials

We already know…

Variables are storage containers in your computer’s memory and they hold the information that you work with.


In C++, we work with information. Sometimes, that information changes. Therefore, we need variables. Variables let us change the information that we work with. They allow you to store and work with information…

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